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On this page you can calculate your Eddington Number from your Strava, Endomondo, MyCyclingLog or RideWithGPS accounts, or transfer rides from Strava to MyCyclingLog, from Endomondo to Strava or from Endomondo to RideWithGPS

We've moved to a new site! You will have reauthorize your accounts (the buttons are below) before you can use it. Due to a change in Strava privacy control, private rides weren't being counted in the previous version, so you may notice your E-number increasing slightly.

THERE IS CURRENTLY A BUG! If you uncheck the private rides checkbox in Strava, it won't retrieve any rides. I am investigating this now. In the meantime, please leave that box checked.

The Eddington Number is a metric for long distance cyclists. It's the largest value of E where you have cycled at least E miles on E days. So if you have cycled 35 miles or more on 35 days but have not cycled at 36 miles or more on 36 days, then your E-number is 35.

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  1. date format is dd-mm-yyyy
  2. You can set either or both dates, or leave them both blank your lifetime E-number.
  3. the timezone is used to determine midnight for the date range
  4. If you upload files, they will be kept on a scratch directory with your Strava User Id, so you won't have to reupload them every time. You can remove the files from the server by pressing the appropriate button above.
  5. when using Strava, each ride's date is the local time saved by Strava
  6. Timezone set here will be used with Endomondo to determine the start of the new day
  7. You can set either or both dates, or leave them both blank for your lifetime E-number.
  8. By default, all the miles during a ride (even if it takes several days) count towards the total of the first day.
  9. You can choose to split it into multiple days, to get the mileage for each day midnight-midnight.
  10. As I can't get the GPS points directly from Strava, Strava rides can only be split by you downloading them onto your machine, and then uploading them here.
  11. As splitting Strava rides is such a faff, it's probably easiest to use the copy feature above to copy them to MyCyclingLog, then calculate your E-number from that. Then you will only need download/upload them once.
  12. It might take a minute or two to come back with an answer
  13. It's much slower if you split the rides.
  14. Rides of less than 500m are not copied between systems.
  15. Rides copied from endomondo are considered duplicates if there is already a ride on strava that overlaps it.
  16. MyCyclingLog stores elevation as a number without units. By default, copy will leave the elevation in metres, but if you check the box, it will multiply elevation by 3.2, converting it to feet.
  17. If you want your bike information to be included you must make sure you have bikes with exactly matching make/model in both accounts. To test, select start and end dates close together, then check MyCyclingLog to see if you like the result.
  18. It should not make duplicates if the ride has already been copied using this page, or if the total distance for the day on MCL is within 2% or greater than the distance recorded in Strava.
  19. This is open source, you can download the source from http://github.com/JoanMcGalliard/EddingtonAndMore. This is revision 0d0f1ec8c6cca0c667cad605b577c2390cc1ee39.

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