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Re: The Good Place

Post by Whiskeyjack » 1 month ago

LowlifeDes wrote:
1 month ago
I saw about 20 minutes of Good Omens on a train the other day. The woman sat next to me was watching it on her tablet but, as she was using headphones, I only got the visuals and no sound. I couldn't decide whether it was brilliant or rubbish.
I thought it was ok but nothing to get excited about. The casting of the main two was inspired but it’s a pity it wasn’t better.
Pratchett's work just doesn’t seem to work on tv.
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Re: TV/Streaming shows

Post by Joan » 1 month ago

Joan wrote:
11 months ago
I watched the first two episodes [of Killing Eve] a few months ago. Really liked it, but got stuck on the 3rd episode. I mean to watch it, but I think I have a bit of a medical phobia (the opposite of that Chinese gentleman's problem) and couldn't get past the cold open at the "clinic".

I will return to it, though.

I'm sitting alone in front of a licence payer's TV, so I though I would go back and finish episode 3. Currently 3 minutes and 30 seconds in (IE not as far as I got last time) and I've hit pause.

Phobia is worse for TV than for actual nurses, thank God!

Update: in 17 minutes I have watched another 80s.

Update #2: made it to the end.

Killing Eve, series 1,episode 3
It wa obviously going to be Bill's last episode. Obvious if you have ever seen a movie.
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