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An Honest Liar

Post by Joan » 1 year ago

Thank you, @The Real Ravenhurst for pointing me to this.

Even though I knew a lot of the more public part of his life, I found this film riveting. And the last thing I expected a James Randi doco to do is to make me cry.
I knew nothing of his private life, so
when they first introduced Jose, I assumed they were becoming friends, but I was madly 'shipping them. I have never seen a documentary tell a love story so well.
Highly recommended.

Also "no spoons were harmed in the making over this movie" 😂 😂 😂
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The Real Ravenhurst
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Re: Movies

Post by The Real Ravenhurst » 1 year ago

Glad you took up the recommendation! It is quite something. I watched it after Louis Theroux named it as one of a number of docos that influenced him. I'll drag up the other titles now in a minute...
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