Men and sexual assault

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Men and sexual assault

Post by Joan » 4 years ago

I was thinking about which way men are mostly likely to directly experience sexual assault. With the caveat that most men won't experience it from either side, of those who do experience it, I think it is roughly this (from most likely to least likely)
  1. Commit a rape or assault that is never reported or no charges or consequences ensue
  2. Commit a rape or assault that has him sanctioned in some way
  3. Be the victim of an assault or rape
  4. Be falsely accused of an assault or rape
So any guess which exercises men's imaginations most? Actually, it goes for both sexes: I have seen women worrying about false accusations against their sons, even though their son is more likely to be a victim - and much more likely to be an assailant, but I am OK with parents not being able to imagine their own child capable of that.

(I may have 2 and 3 in the wrong order)
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