Degrees of democracy

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Re: Degrees of democracy

Post by Joan » 10 months ago

I'll get into the deets later (maybe), but there was one speaker at today's Brexit rally who admitted he voted Brexit. His reasons (which I had previously seen expressed) were
  • he hated Cameron ✅
  • He hated austerity ✅
  • He was sure remain would win ✅
I totally sympathise with that. It's one of the reason I wished we had STV. You can protest vote without throwing your vote away (OK, not in a referendum, so it's not entirely relevant).

But my point here is some/many/most(?) Brexiteers were actually protesting the government. It's a (shudder 🤮) tribute to the duplicity of Boris - Eton educated and literally played cricket with Prince William the day after the vote - and Farage - merchant banker both in the literal and rhyming slang meanings - that they convinced the electorate that voting with them was somehow anti establishment.
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